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Публикуван: 19.11.2019

Публикуван на. Mercedes Benz Tuning Interior-Dashboard. Squirrel Heavy Haulage Black Edition skin made just for the new 8x4 scania by scs,comes with matching Escort vans aswell.

Ако считате, че артикулът Ви е бил премахнат по погрешка, моля, свържете се със Steam поддръжката. Doubles the range of static flares, increases range of strobes by 1m. Video by: ItzTom Създадена от lonestranger. Създадена от boukansya. I have written a short instruction, how to get V1. Mercedes Benz Tuning Interior-Dashboard.

Всички права запазени. This mod does not modify the duration or probability of r Skin v1. This is an ETS 2 version of an otherwise identical mod I previo Scania Mudflap Pack. Fallout 76 Truck and Trailer Skin Pack. This pack contains Scania branded mudflaps for Mod za euro truck simulator trucks utilizing the mudflap slots to offer a wider selection of mudflaps.

  • Rubberduck from Convoy on the new Mack R,someone asked for this earlier today so here it is,yes i know its not got the sleeper,but just use your imagination.
  • Създадена от kimmer.

Създадена от Fordsonmies. Създадена от Bruce C. So here is my Black CAT skin for the Scania 8x4,you have to be on the latest Beta version of the game for this to work,also included.php in this skin pack is updated skins for the S and R cab veriants.

Squirrel Interior Accessories. For version 1. Създадена от CrazyGijs. Realistic Vehicle Colours.

This mod increases the length of time of a yellow traffic light signal to 5 sec. Създадена от Lucas Santana. I even play ETS2 V1. Colors on all of the options are customizab This mod does not modify the duration or probability of r Създадена от CountVlad.

Създадена от Frkn Създадена от boukansya.

Accessories by Michaleczeq. Създадена от TheSunCZ. Trailer Ownership - Paintjobs Upgrade 1. So to get these wheels to work you must download the mod f

Also available on the Euro Truck Simulator 2 Nexus [www. Създадена от Cipinho. Артикули Colour-corrects the blue beacons on all default AI emergency vehicles that use blue beacons police, and ambulance.

Създадена от Mavs. Currently includes skin.

Turbo, Fuel Realistic Graphics Mod - by Frkn True Blue Emergency Vehicle Beacons.

  • Всички Дискусии Снимки Худ.
  • Realistic Rain - By Darkcaptain.
  • Realistic Vehicle Colours.
  • Real Tyres Mod.

Realistic Building Lights? It changes the interior and exterior textures of the standard Scania S and R mode Wenn Ihr euren eigenen Skin erstellen wollt schat euch einfach mein Tutorial auf Youtube an. Trailer Ownership - Paintjobs Upgrade 1. Ready for Duty.

Police Tweaks. I even play ETS2 V1. Публикуван на!

Real cooling unit logos for SCS trailers. Създадена от Pauly. This mod reduces the brightness and the number of windows that are lit on buildings at night to produce a more realistic effect and makes exterior improvements to some older building models. Hella Chomium angel eyes, leds - chrome, painted, plastic.

Споделяне към Steam емисията Ви за дейност. Той е видим само от Вас. Extra Range Reverse Light.



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