Our very first and most ancient program. After three visits to Egypt we decided to make a story about the land and it's culture. We're specially focused on the origin and significance of the old religion and it's influence in architecture. Alex De Vliegere is a well experienced architecture-photographer so a visual foundation by means of slide-projection was evident.
It became an impression of Egypt with unique pictures and authentic sounds.

You will encounter Egypt as it is (just go there and see for yourself). We show you the Egyptian 21st century lifestyles of the cities, the villages and the countryside. Then we lead you to the past to unveil the mysterious old culture with it's heaps of gold, gods and secrets.

Youll meet the tempting queen Cleopatra and her lovers. Astonishing views of pyramids, mummies and the tomb of'Tut-Anch-Amun will keep your eyes on the screen till the last second. Experience the past, the rise of the old Kingdom The 31 dynasties, the fall, coming of the Greeks, Romans and Islam. In short: a complete survey in a birds-eye view.

Time: 39 minutes


It is possible to combine this program with one of our other Egypt-items in order to create an all-evening happening. On the list are:  

A performance by Geert Dekkers about the legend of the Egyptian godess Isis in which drama, passion and mysticism prevail. This is the very first complete reconstruction of the story from old papyrus texts. The recitation can be done in an authentic farao-costume

Time: 16 minutes

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