The pyramids of Egypt

An intriguing slide-lecture about the evolution of this mysterious monuments as seen through the eyes of the builders: from a primitive pile of sand to a perfect composed mountain of stones. All known pyramidcomplexes will be discussed and shown in pictures, even the cult-pyramids and less known pyramids of the farao's queens and the royals. The opined effects of these resurrection-machines are colourfully illustrated. The meaning of all parts of the pyramidcomplexes and the development of it through the dynasties are comprehensively dealt with.

What was the influence of strange invaders who took over the Egyptian habits in their own way? Did they add anything of significance in the development of this structures? With which dilemmas the pharaos were confronted? Why their decendance from the Gods raised a conflict with the raising power of the sun adoring priest cast? The interaction between the changes in religion, the political situation and the architectural development of these monuments are profoundly enlighted. Illustrated with archeological discoveries which were found in the pyramids will be declared what could be the meaning of this sacred buildings.

Did they find mummies and gold in the pyramids? Were empty but already in ancient times hermetically closed burial chambers found in the Egyptian pyramids? What are pyramid texts? And what about human offerings? It will be explained why many pyramids even in ancient times existed in a deplorable condition. Because most pyramid-complexes as such nowadays are hardly recognizable Geert Dekkers made over twenty models based on archeological recontruction data. These most special models will revive the grandeur of the past and are exclusively manufactured for this lecture.    

Time: variable, 1,5 till 2 hours

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