The name ‘Sagrada Familia’ brings us Barcelona and the Catalan architect Antoní Gaudí in mind. Gaudí was a legend by lifetime. Because he feared publicity a mist arose around his personality. Who was this creative construction-artist who astonished millions of bypassers with his creations during the last 130 years?

In this still-motion picture GeA-educatie lets the  architect ‘speak for himself’ to give insight in his life, work and in the origin of his ideas. He is followed from his very youth as a son of a coppersmith. He had to deal with an eye-disease and an overall bad health. After finishing his architecturestudies in Barcelona he developed himself as one of the founders of the modernismo, the Spanish variaty of the Jugendstil. He developed his own language in developing, the legendary gaudinistic stile.

Geert Dekkers and Alex De Vliegere of GeA-educatie visited all corners of Spain and Mallorca to make pictures for this program and show all of Gaudí's works, even the less known. Text spoken in Dutch.

Duration: 105 minutes.

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