Scottish-Celtic festival, Hank 2007

Assistent Pete opens the Games 


Lady Lovely's awakening


The garbage-goblins inspecting the Royal apartments...


...and the guard, they went into the smallest details


Mary's bisshop was associated with Iona and Saint Ninian


The procession crossing the market


Jezuite Pedro de Ribadeneira, envoy of Philips II flanked by

Reverend Fletcher who was send by Elisabeth I


Lady Lovely rings the processionbell


Fresh baked bread for lunch


Time to make music


Mary loved music, singing and dance


Rev Fletcher makes Lady Mary Seton feel comfortable


MacNaber and the Royal taster control the storageroom


Kitchenprincesses Alice & Jolly


Jolly loves to coddle Mary's poodle


Openingscene of the theatreprogram "Mary's executionwarrant"


Mary's prayer wih Pedro de Ribadeneira, disturbed by reverend Fletcher


Mary's executionwarrant is hot news. An interview by TV-Brabant


While praying in her open-air chapel...


...Mary receives heavenly strength from the angel of death


The neighbours already heard about Mary's upcoming execution


Th pricedistribution, presented by Andre de Heus.

Lady Mary Seton flankes Wout Zijlstra.


Flemish giant Tommy de Bruijn, winner of the Dutch Highlandgames