The castles of the Loire

A docudrama entitled ‘het mysterie van de Loire’ (only in Dutch).

In this program the most important castles and historical outposts of the Loire-area will be shown in an unconventional way. The most outstanding personalities who pulled the strings in the Loire-area during the Renaissance pass the revue. The history of the heart of France during the late Middle Ages will be unveiled in this cinderalla-like fairytale. A lonesome weary of life interior-attendent experiences the unimaginable luck to receive a time-machine which brings her back to the Loire in the year 1489. Her adventures are undescribable. Catharina de Medici, François-I and his mistress Diane de Poitiers, Henry-III but also Charlemagne and the novel-figure Quasimodo come to life in this program. The splendid pleasure-castles are the intriguing background in this fascinating documentary. The religious tensions and the inquisition are not forgotten. A beautiful program for all who wish to survey the french Renaissance in an alternitive way. Interesting for all ages.

Duration: 74 minutes

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