The Maldives

The most beautiful coral-atols are brought to you in this very special computerized slide-program. The soft murmuring of the palmtrees on the bountyful islands, the cristal clear waters of the lagoons and the traditional fishing villages with their beautiful and ultimately friendly inhabitants make an unforgettable impression.

Naturally also the geology, flora and fauna of this paradisiacal islands will be on view.

The history of the Maldives goes bach till the time of the Phoenicians and Egyptians who were in search of the legendary kingdom of Punt. We tell about the rich folklore of the maldivians in which the fanditha and the mysterous djinns from the depths of the Indian ocean play a main role. And..., of course there is extra attention for the most beautiful inhabitants of this archipelago: the colorfull tropical fish.

Time: ca 45 minutes