Antwerp Scottish Fair, Merksem 2007


Mary in Belgium. 'Doedelday' on the country-seat Bouckenborgh in Merksem


waking up with a royal breakfast


Rich foods decorated the table


Mary was warmly suprised by the musicians of the drumgroup Beithar


Lady Melville was charmed by the blue men


Morningmass in  Mary's fieldchapel


Mary opens the pipebandcontest...


...and enjoyed the sounds of a dozen superior bands


Hail to the queen


"See, this group wears the Stuart tartan", lady Mary Fleming noticed. 


Queen Mary adresses the spectators and introduces the next band


Maid Jolly and page Will Douglas were attracted by the delightful sounds


Announcement of the grand finale: the massed band


The jester thought about something naughty...


...and got all the attention (he danced the bells from his cap)


They quenched their thirst with a royal Belgian 'pinteke'


Enormous photowalls made them feel home


In the valley of Glencoe


Jolly quenched the thirsty drummerboys of Beithar...


...and was quartered by means of gratitude


Guard MacAlfred was ill, he got back to life by Jolly's shortbread


Lady Melville persuades counsellor William Maitland to buy the castle


Saying bye bye to our good neighbours of the travelling chemist shop Officina Viatoria


We surely may not miss the next Antwerp Scottish Fair!