Nassauday, Breda 6 June 2010

GeA-educatie took part in 'de Blijde Incomste'



Results of the photocompetition


The first edition attracted many visitors and generated colorful  press releases


In 1406 Duke Engelbrecht of Nassau (left side in picture) arrived in Breda


with his young bride Johanna of Polanen


Johanna's beautifully painted gilded belt-clip


The event settled a rich tradition


Mayor van de Velden (left side in the picture)

welcomed the Nassaus in traditional costume


Johanna's jester seeked contact with her white horse...


...who answered in a positive manner


From allover people came to Breda


to catch a glimpse of glory or to pick a grain


There was no absolution...


...for the heretic and the witch


Their destiny was not very enviable


and effectively deterrent


The Blijde Incomste attracted many noblemen to the city...


...and so will it be forever!


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