Paravision Award 2009

The popular magazine Paravisie reveiled in Ahoy, Rotterdam 

the winner of the Benelux 2009 medium of the year


The readers had chosen for Omata Tutini, a Maori princess who originates from 

the Cook-Islands in the Pacific Ocean on the opposite side of this world (2nd from right)


The award was handed by a representative of the magazine Paravisie 

under precense of the press and a select group of guests 


Omata, shortly after the announcement that she was the winner 


Omata did not only win the award, also her biography 'fish from heaven' was officialy launched. 

The book is written by journalist / writer / biographist Marjo Boxman.

from left to right: Marjo Boxman, publisher Emy ten Seldam, Omata Tutini and pr lady Evelien Beekmans


Omata with her partner, the numerologist and gem-therapist Rob den Oudsten 


Alex in conversation with medium Sylvana Shiwani, one of the guests


The biography is published by Ankh Hermes and widely available.

The pictures in the book are made by GeA-educatie. 

Most probably the book will be translated in english soon.


Marjo Boxman during her signing-session in Ahoy. 

In 2006 she received a national journalistic award.


Besides the writing of biographies Marjo works as a dance-tutor and furthermore 

she conducts marriages in Utrecht and Houten as a special agent of the Civil Service.


Omata during the afterparty


Omata signs the book about her paranormal life. Her personality works as a magnet 

to everybody. On paranormal fairs there's always a row of people waiting for her attention.


In the meanwhile a lot is written about Omata in the papers and magazines. 

But now her intriguing story found it's way to a book, a story which is not finished yet.....


Till next time!


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