Who is GeA ?

is the protecting goddess of the Earth!

but GeA represents also the contraction of the names of Geert Dekkers and Alex De Vliegere, who specialized themselves in making programs with a cultural and historical value (i.e. lectures and computerized still-motion-pictures), interactive lessons to easify school-programs and singing-telegrams and acts to enlighten festival happenings.

The wide experience of Geert Dekkers in news-reading (f.i. at the Amsterdam Cable Channel) and his mode of presentation and diction suits our programs very well. He acted in theatre-plays (like Stikker-theatre’s ‘the step back’ and ‘Moanies boy doesn’t cry’ by theatre Mask) and in screenplays (as fairy prince in ‘Lompe Hannes’ and in the films ‘China White’ and Peter Greenaway’s ‘the Tempest’). He could be seen in the tele-ad for the Star-videotheque and in clips as Johan’s ‘everybody knows' and Colin Young’s ‘how sweet is it to be loved by you’. Finally we name his appearance in the famous Dutch tv-series ‘say Aah’ and ‘the summer of ’45’.

The visual support of the programs by means of slide-projection is on the account of Alex De Vliegere, who is a fanatic architecture photographer for over 25 years. His conservatory musical background forms the reference for the soundtracks and his teachers-degree in physics is the warranty for an educational content in each of our programs.

Our programs are unique by means of versatility. Besides a complete story they all contain some theatrical elements and a sparkle of humor which keep the spectator continuously in fascination. GeA-educatie works with professional equipment and is able to support in all your publicity campaigns.

pictures of Geert Dekkers           behind the scenes of GeA          pictures of Alex De Vliegere

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